If you would like to be considered to assist me in my classes or have a private mentorship, please attend several classes first.

Once you have graduated from Distill your Teaching, I would LOVE to have you as an assistant in my classes, subject to availability.

I am developing an advanced training for 500-hour graduates, Distill your Wisdom.  This program will include a formal mentorship program exclusively for students in the advanced program.

Email me at and let's make it happen!



Got a new opportunity to expand your practice but feel in a little over your head? Maybe you have a new client with a problem you have never solved before, a workshop you feel almost ready to create, you want to develop a program or a training but you don't know how to organize the material or deal with the dreaded -- though seemingly necessary -- Yoga Alliance?

One thing that is critical to expanding your life is crystalizing your thoughts. You can talk to your friends for hours OR you can pay for expert advice.  And there is nothing like time = money to help you get off your smart phone and into a smarter plan of action.

I the have experience and the wisdom of learning from many endeavors to guide you to achieve your goals.  For a mere $25 per 15-minute increment - and, yes, I do know that's how lawyers bill - I can give you a new perspective to help you own your power and realize your aspirations. $50 minimum fee.

Email me at and let's make it happen!


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Private Gait Therapy

Walking is a balancing act, shifting our weight from one foot to another with a moment of balancing on one foot at a time.  Yet, this dynamic, complex process is largely unconscious, thus reinforcing imbalances with each step.  Certified as a gait therapy practitioner by Sherry Brourman, physical/yoga therapist and author of “Walk Yourself Well,” I will examine your gait and bring conscious awareness to the process of walking that reveals habits, weaknesses and imbalances and create a program to ameliorate those issues so that each step becomes an opportunity for healing, balance and grace.  

Initial consultation is $150.

Subsequent sessions are $135.

Email me at and let's make it happen!


Private Yoga Therapy

If you have a hectic schedule, special needs or chronic condition, need extra attention to modify your practice or to take it up a notch, or have a small group you would like to practice with, I offer private sessions in your home or in my home in Santa Monica.  

Before our first session, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to guide me in creating a safe and satisfying practice that is uniquely yours. It takes several sessions to refine a practice and for you to learn it and make it yours. For that reason, I require a 3-session commitment for our work together.

If you would like to meet with me first, please contact me, fill out the questionnaire and come to my home for a half hour for a $75 fee.

Initial consultation and three 60-minute sessions for $500.

Ongoing sessions are 60 minutes for $150.

Ongoing sessions in my home are $25 less per session, or $125.

(Additional charges for long distances may apply.)

Email me at and let's make it happen!


One-on-One Services

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